Inverness Bulletin




To celebrate our Health Sabbath we will be sharing "Optimize Your Microbiome, Optimize Your Life" after church service.  In this presentation, Dr. Kazzi will look at the following questions:

  • What is the microbiome?
  • Why the recommended 20th century western diet doesn’t work?
  • What is real nourishment?
  • What you really need boils down to fiber
  • How fermentation can heal you
  • What are prebiotics/probiotics/postbiotics?
  • How to properly fuel your life with fiber and love it


INVERNESS SDA:  Is now on  Returning tithes and offerings.

REMEMBER:  Those who are at Rehab, Centers/Retirement homes, and also those who would like a visit once in a while.  Why not call, send a card, or drop by for a visit this week?